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40+ Modern Hairstyles for Men with Wavy Hair in 2024

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Whether you’re wanting to switch up your style or are basically starting to attempt various things with different hair styles, wavy hair can be an unprecedented decision. There are various approaches to styling for wavy hair, and the best one for you will depend upon your hair type and inclined toward look. A couple of models consolidate the undercut, quiff, and pompadour. These styles can help with showing up for individuals who incline in the direction of it. For extra excellent looks, you ought to consider controlling your waves with a side part or slicked-back look. Coming up next are several our #1 wavy hair stylings for men.

Take a gander at The Best Hairdos for Wavy Hair Men

Group Cut with Mid Haze

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If you’re looking for a trademark looking haircut with a low-upkeep present day bid, this wavy trim is the one you’re looking for. Short rearward and longish in front, the wavy look is undeniably appropriate for people who would prefer not to contribute a great deal of energy on their hair in the initial segment of the day.


The haze with this style is a mid-obscure, consistently about a quarter to a half-inch thick. This is a remarkable wavy haircut for people who need a trim that confers a masculine perspective. The imagery of a show-stopper, direct hairdo with generally a sprinkle of gleam with its barely fun turns on the top.


Wavy Mohawk

Shades of Blonde - Suit Who

To add a tweaked energy to your hair style, the long wavy mohawk is the best fit. This wavy hair style is undeniably appropriate for creating out your bangs anyway giving them some clowning around shape. The haircut is similarly truly perfect for the mid year when the hot air blows back your hair.

Wavy and Shaggy Hairdo

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Wavy and shaggy hairdos are notable hair styles for men. The shaggy hairdo requires medium-length hair that covers the forehead. This wavy hair styling is an excellent style that looks best on people with thick wavy hair.

Dashing French Gather Hairdo

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The shaved sides and rough numerical cut on the bangs make it a high level look that will suit any man. Besides, you can add attracting nuances to the sides to make a stand-out look.

You can add volume and completed outskirts to the french yield. This wavy hair style incorporates a more long, pointed focus fragment that rehashes the harsh surface of the crown.

High haze + Long Outskirts

Medium Hairstyles for Men with Wavy Hair - Suit Who

High Hazy spots are generally speaking considered strong hairdos since they are high-offset hairdos with the hair vanished. Moreover, it would work best with a long wavy fringe on men who need a masculine impeccable haircut that really looks shrewd.

Free and Wavy Haircut

medium wavy haircut for men 1 - Suit Who

The wavy top endeavors to change the long length on the sides, including the extraordinary curve of the head easily. Accordingly, the haircut never leaves style. Take this swingy ‘wavy top’ style which is long enough for nothing, rumpled waves at the front, yet it really has the fretfulness of a skin obscure to revive it.

Mid Haze French Yield

copper wavy hairstyles for men with wavy hair e1506808689945 - Suit Who

The french collect has a smooth, which moves toward your head, with a mid-obscure joining a state of the art blend of class and style. This is a hard-style haircut with obscured sides for men with typical waves. The high haze in like manner incorporates an impalpable hairline to achieve a trademark look.


Medium Length Hair with Side Arrangement

curly hairstyles curly quiff - Suit Who

Might it at any point be said that you are looking for some change? Use a confuse plan to make an insane new look. The got done and wavy haircut will make you stand separated from the gathering paying little mind to which event you will participate.

Messed Waves

short casual hairstyles for men with wavy hair - Suit Who

Accepting you have hair that you should have the effect of waves or bends, this haircut is for you! Get that ideal tumultuous “low upkeep” hair styling with your new triumph haircut! Layered hair that isn’t short at the terminations or sensitive in the bangs.

Perm with Undercut

31e33bc17c3a494da1e1f2d9e1b704c3 - Suit Who

You can have one more complicated style with a shave as a reconsideration. If you have a completed haircut, a perm can really commend it. The perm with undercut adds an extra mean to the style, which assists add with surfacing and finish to your hair.


Fix Obscure Mullet

Dense and Messy - Suit Who

The mullet haircut incorporates a shape obscure, so you have the short-managed sides and the long shaggy top. This wavy hair styling is a modern way to deal with deference the most problematic haircut all through the whole presence of men’s hair deliberately.

Triumph + Wavy Fringe

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Triumph hair styles are ideal for common use. To make a triumph trim with fringe, you truly need long hair that won’t blend in with your short hair. The base part should be cut just over the eyebrows and not delayed down your vision. This wavy style works commendably on typical waves or surfaces.

World class level with Significant Part and Drop Obscure

The tip top level hairdo is an uncommon staple for those looking for a low-support anyway smooth haircut that will not at any point become unfashionable. The tip top level haircut incorporates a significant part that drops from short to longer lengths, blending reliably from an altered side to a more broadened top length. Ideal for those need a style with barely sufficient more length and a lot of flavors. It’s a phenomenal quest for a sharp, nice look.

Burst Obscure Mohawk

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The mohawk is a praiseworthy hairdo that has been around for a seriously significant time-frame. Nevertheless, the regular hawk has relatively little there of brain of character or style. The burst obscure mohawk means to change that by mixing it up, surface, and viewpoint to this famous hair style with an extra burst obscure strategy. Burst Obscure is a sort of haircut where the hair is obscuring into a shaved line.

Wavy Fohawk with Side Arrangement

curl - Suit Who

A fohawk haircut is an indisputable hairdo for men. It is a blend of long and short hair with a spiky way. The sides and top should be obscured with the objective that the general condition of the hair is portrayed. A low haze and fretful isolated finish may moreover work on the haircut.

Thick and Shaggy Bangs

Wavy Haircut For Men - Suit Who

The celebrity example of shaved sides and long bangs started with The Beatles, recollecting the ’60s. The “Shaggy Bangs” hairdo can cause you to seem like you’ve gone ballistic. This is a specialist and smart haircut that has an outdated dumbfound. A shaggy trim is a layered hair style that features medium-length bangs along the front of the face.

Quiff with a middle part

3c51d25df53eb25812b08264e49d70db - Suit Who

The quiff hairdo is a model style that is restored with a middle part. For the quiff haircut, you will require volumes at the crown of the head; then, fix hair one small step at a time into the skin. Furthermore, the middle isolated hair gives you a look of the ideal coolness and great expertise mix.


Curtains Hair style

c206d33f7e41e4d5a376bc82ef87c1a1 - Suit Who

Thick and Tumultuous

8980f6ecd95caef36eafdbcbf5c07eb3 - Suit Who

Ducktail Hairdo

men curly hairstyles wavy hair with a fringe luxe - Suit Who

French Yield with Side Arrangement

French Crop Cut With Low Fade 80 Best Mens Short Wavy Hairstyles 2021 - Suit Who

High Top + Fingered Quiff

Stylish Curly Mess - Suit Who

Tip top level Haircut

12. Curly Angular Fringe - Suit Who

Layered Uncovered spot

Short choppy curls - Suit Who

Clogged Caesar

Best Mens Short Wavy Hairstyles Curled Brush Up with Tapered Sides - Suit Who

Pushed Back Angular hairline

classic asymmetric curly hairstyles for men - Suit Who

Side Cleared with Low Haze

Hairstyles for Men with Thick Wavy Hair 1 - Suit Who

Layered Hair with Part

9 Medium Length Wavy Hairstyle - Suit Who

Fix Obscure + Uncovered spot

Long Top Men Wavy Hair - Suit Who

Completed Waves

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Angular hairline

10. Messy Curly Hairstyle for Men - Suit Who

Swirling Top with Fix

Curly Hair Men - Suit Who


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